Go Buy 40 Acres and a tractor.


It can buy a House

But not a Home

It can buy a Bed

But not Sleep

It can buy a Clock

But not Time

It can buy you a Book

But not Knowledge

It can buy you a Position

But not Respect

It can buy you Medicine

But not Health

It can buy you Blood

But not Life

It can buy you Sex

But not Love

So you see money isn't everything.

And it often causes pain and suffering.

I tell you this because I am your Friend,

and as your friend I want to take away your pain and suffering...

So send some extra money you have no use for.

And I will suffer for you.

Cash is fine.

Stonehenge Trading

1228 14 1/2th St

Rock Island, IL 61201

Paypal is also accepted ~

Total Collected So Far $6.08

So we could use more.

Yes that above link takes you to a paypal give us your money link where you have to enter a password to give us money. Don't worry, perhapts it is a legit link created at paypal to a secure page. We don't want all your money & would never try to steal your password. Just send us a bit of money. It will be a good investment. Then again just go to paypal & send us money directly from there using the email on this page.

Hand Over Your Extra Cash Today And Get Nothing.

What's A Couple Bucks Anyways?

Thanks to Bryan and Tyler for donating the first dollar.

Thanks To Rob R. for the generous donation of $1.08.

Thanks to Keith H. for the keen donation of $4.

Got lots of money you don't know what to do with?

No worries..

We can set up an investment account for you & see if we can figure out a productive way to put your useless money to work. Course there is a $375 minimum & we might loose the whole schmitty on some fly by night scheme we come up with. And...if that happens you are not allowed to complain.


Its only money...

Have a nice day.

Wonder if that poll still works..probably not. Bout time for a new one.

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Are You Going To Give Money Today
Yes & Don't Put My Banner Or Info On This Page
Yes & Please Put My Name Or Banner Ad Here
Maybe Tomorrow
No Way I Need My Money To Buy Beer
Are You Freaking Crazy!!
Only If You Use The Money To Buy A Beach House
Only If You Use The Money To Buy Beer
Only If You Use The Money To Support Your Local Stripper
Yes & Feel Free To Use The Money However You Would Like
Get A Job You Loser
Poor Animals Are Dying In Shelters Every Day And You Want Money

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